Not much to tell, just interested in doing my part to make a better world.  I believe that how we care about and respect others shows through in how we treat our colleagues, family, customers or simply strangers in need.  And every one of us is capable of helping –  whether rich or poor, busy or not so much, we make decisions every day in how we treat people with respect and dignity, and how we help others.

Second, all opinions in here are MY OWN, or represent my own perspective.  If I think Masterchief is cool, then so be it, my opinion, my perspective, tough to argue with that.  You might think otherwise, feel free to respectfully share your perspective as well!  I value a diverse set of perspectives, and different people value different things, please understand and respect that.


Tom Moran

btw, why BackInTheBox?  Not because I am missing the glorious Sourdough Jack or curly fries 🙂  It comes from an Italian saying that says, “when the chess game is over, both the king and the pawn go back in the same box”.  It seems like a good reminder to me on humility and compassion.