Consider this shocking national statistic: one out of every six adults and nearly one out of four children struggle with hunger. Here in King County, record numbers of people—ourneighbors, co-workers and friends—don’t have enough to eat. People have tochoose between paying rent and buying groceries, and children are going to bedhungry.

So Day 1 started out, already have a little caffeine headache.  I think the kids each ate a lean pocket, will have to find out later.  One quote from the morning – “you mean we can’t have orange juice?”

Starbucks, I miss you terribly…life is not the same without you.

Funny how doing something like this brings up lots of memories.  We used to be on food stamps when I was growing up, and I remember my mom making things like bean soup, and then eating that for 5 days straight.  Then pea soup, maybe with a ham hock in it.  Stew, etc. were always good.  But I also remember my parents in the grocery store debating on whether they could buy a can of folger’s that week.  Or making just a half pot in the morning to make it go farther.  In fact, when I started helping make coffee for them in the mornings, I remember having to be very careful with how much I put in.